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William R. Nash


Nassau, Bahamas




Lynden Pindling International Airport is located in Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas. This project consisted of 3 phases. A new US Departures Terminal, a renovated and addition to the International Terminal and a new Domestic Terminal. It also included a new United States Customs & Border Patrol area and a new Bahamian Customs and Immigration facilities as well along with all of the tenant improvements to each terminal.
The project consisted of the following systems and services:
Tank Farms
Two new tank farms that included two rainwater collection systems with a UV filter system, six 10,000 gallon underground water storage concrete tanks with internal pumping systems and a fully automated controls system. Four 45,000 gallon flushing water and fire protection above ground water storage tanks, eight 16,000 gallon domestic water above ground water storage tanks with completely automated controls and valving systems. Four 10,000 gallon fuel oil storage tanks with a fuel polishing system that was fully automated. Four deep water wells for condensing water with 100 HP pumps and a titanium filter system.
Fire Protection System
A complete fire protection system that included more than 25 zones, multiple preaction systems, control wiring, heat sensors and a 100 HP electric fire pump.
Mechanical System
The Mechanical system consisted of all ductwork, insulation, chilled and condensing water systems, refrigeration piping, pumps, chillers, Heat Exchangers, custom fanwall AHU’s, custom FCU’s, mini-split systems, fans and controls.
Plumbing System
The plumbing systems included sanitary waste and vent piping above and below ground, storm piping, domestic hot, cold and flushing water systems, grease waste system with grease traps, plumbing fixtures and sitework

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